GNM: Wilco, 2008-02-27: 9:30 Club, Washington, DC, USA

Sadly, the DIME torrent for this has expired; it’s a matrix, so I won’t link to the etree shows that exist otherwise. [I will, though, when I get to those recordings; yes, I have multiple recordings of the same shows.]

I have downloaded a lot of shows from here and I’ve wanted to give something back for a while, so here is a matrix I worked up of Wilco’s NPR concert on February 27 of this year. I used Innis Nelson’s excellent AUD recording (original 16-bit version is available on etree) as with my own recording of the streaming webcast of the show. I know that the webcast is lossy, but I though it provides some immediacy and definition to the lower frequency range of the AUD recording. As far as I could tell in the FAQ, it complies with Dime’s rules. I retracked it a little bit, and I amplified the higher-frequency end to compensate for the loss in the webcast. Full details are below.

The recent Chicago residency really reignited my interest in Wilco, so I hope this will be enjoyed, and I also hope to post a few more matrices of a similar nature in the next few weeks.

AUD source (my actions in caps): Source: Schoeps MK4(7’stand, DIN, TS, LOC)>KC5>CMC6>Oade M248>Apogee MiniME>Tascam HD-P2(24bit/96k) Processing: CF>HP Vista Laptop>Wavelab 5.0(tracking/fades/Resample/UV22HR Dither)>Flac 1.1.2(Level 8, Align on Sector Boundaries)>Tag & Rename 3.4.6(Tags) >>DECODED TO AIFF with Max 0.7.1 >>IMPORTED INTO AUDACITY 1.2.6 (moved to 1.3.2 midway through >> SEE MTX PROCESSING BELOW

WEBCAST source: NPR Streaming Webcast >> AIFF using Wiretap Studio >> Imported into Audacity

MTX PROCESSING: Had to adjust timing, so resampled Webcast to 44098Hz (this synched the audio better with the AUD; dithering was “shaped” option in Audacity) >> amplified region of 15kHz-20kHz >> removed portions from the webcast that were faulty, amplified AUD track to compensate then >> mixed down to single track >> reimported to Audacity, added track labels *on sector boundaries*, exported to AIFF >> encoded to FLAC with xACT 1.59, generated fingerprint, md5.

One final note: I would truly appreciate feedback on how this sounds, as it is my first attempt at making a matrix recording. Positive comments are welcome and so are negative ones.

Thanks to Innis, and to all the tapers whose work I’ve benefitted from previously!

release2008-02-27: 9:30 Club, Washington, DC, USA