GNM: Death Cab for Cutie, 2006-04-18: State Theater, Detroit, MI, USA

Taper: Richard Simms (sullen)
Source: DPA 4061s (High Boost Screens) > SP Powered Dongle (TRS) > Microtrack 24/96 set to 24bit/48khz > Sandisk Ultra II 4GB CF card

Transer: Ultra II > Computer via USB 2.0 CF Card Reader
Processing: Adobe Audition 1.5 > EQ, Increse Volume, Dither/Resample to 16bit/44.1khz, Fades > CD Wave Editor 1.94.5 > FLAC FrontEnd (Level 8, Align SB)

release2006-04-18: State Theatre, Detroit, MI, USA