links for 2008-12-28

  • "iTunes by Apple Inc. is a great audio player. However, we are saddened by the lack of support for FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec), the Xiph.Org Foundation project, in iTunes. We would like Apple to add support for the FLAC audio codec to iTunes." I felt like tilting at windmills today…
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  • "PITTSBURGH — Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger sustained a concussion while being driven into the ground by two Cleveland Browns defenders late in the second quarter of an essentially meaningless game Sunday." And Kimo von Oelhoffen wasn't involved? While I hope Roethlisberger gets better, damn … this is karmic payback for KvO ripping Carson Palmer's leg off.
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  • "When Parcells joined the Dolphins as executive vice president of football operations last year, his deal included a onetime out clause that would allow him to walk away, with the rest of his $12 million guaranteed contract fully paid, no strings attached, if Huizenga were to sell the team." I had this dream where Parcells took over the Bengals. I then woke up.
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  • "In the last six years, he has brought 12 priests from Africa, Asia and Latin America who are serving in this diocese covering the western third of Kentucky, where a vast majority of residents are white. His experiences offer a close look at the church’s drive to import foreign priests to compensate for a dearth of Americans, and the ways in which this trend is reshaping the Roman Catholic experience in America." The little parish church next to our house in Mississippi had a Vietnamese pastor back in the 1990s, so this trend is not exactly new.
  • “I never had a clue about the amount of off-the-cliff activity that was going on at Washington Mutual, and I was in constant contact with the company,” said Vincent Au, president of Avalon Partners, an investment firm. “There were people at WaMu that orchestrated nothing more than a sham or charade. These people broke every fundamental rule of running a company.”