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Yes, I have a Twitter account. Yes, it’s private. That’s because I discuss work things on there, and … well, I need to have a channel to vent to keep out of a padded room. Twitter’s where I do that. Yes, I’m kinda restrictive as to who I add—unlike Facebook, where I accept most requests [if I feel like I know you from somewhere else, whether meatspace or online], lots of people get told no on Twitter.

Frankly, I’m always stunned that people who aren’t my local friends would follow me on Twitter. I post a lot, and I say a lot of bad words. It can’t be pretty. It can be funny, or so I’ve been told.

I used to post tweets here; I decided that made no sense for me once I locked the account down. Even since then, my thoughts have changed — I feel like Twitter is its own channel, and you either want to follow me there, or you don’t. So when I look at Mark replicating his tweets on his blog, well … it makes me a sad panda.

If you don’t follow me, here’s what that looks like, for the last week …

Published with Wordle by Andy Vandergriff
Published with Wordle by Andy Vandergriff

If you follow me on Twitter, well … you’re probably surprised that FUCK isn’t the largest word on there. Y’all, I am, too.

I use Twitter to keep touch with my friends. It’s fun for that. It’s casual. I don’t feel a burden to truly keep up with it, but I try. If I miss stuff … I miss stuff. It’s just gonna happen. I think of it as a narrowcast channel: it’s not really there for one-to-one, but it’s not a broadcast, either. That’s not to say that there aren’t a bunch of ways to use Twitter.

But while I’m on the “ways to use Twitter” bandwagon:

  1. RT’ing, or re-Tweeting, annoys the hell out of me in most situations. I think via is okay; it does, as chockenberry notes, force the user to provide context.
  2. Yes, there are some shady marketroids on Twitter. There are follower whores. However, this isn’t spam. It might be unwanted, but on Twitter, you choose who you follow. If it bothers you that people can read that you were just at the pub downtown, well … either make the thing private or stop caring about that. Just don’t call it spam. Spam sucks, but this isn’t that.

If this were actually posted on Twitter—and it’s not, because it’s well over 140 characters—IT WOULD PROBABLY BE IN ALL CAPS AND HAVE LOTS OF SWEAR WORDS.

FakeGFMorris is kinda funny. It drove me nuts until I learned who was behind it.

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  1. I like following your twitter, and actually, I’m finding I enjoy twitter more than many other web applications. It’s so low pressure. 🙂 Thanks for thinking I’m special enough to be let in. 😉

  2. If you follow me on Twitter, well … you’re probably surprised that FUCK isn’t the largest word on there.

    Maybe not the largest, but pretty big certainly. I decided to set up a twitter client on my work machine this week so that I don’t miss so many updates from friends (and, well, because if Jon can do it so can I *grin*). I got a little paranoid seeing how many f-bombs flew by and knowing that all of them were going through the web proxy and logged to my IP.

    That’s not your problem, of course, but it created an interesting dilemma for me. Trust that it wouldn’t float above the IT radar and leave things as-is; remove the client from my work machine and go back to missing a lot of updates from friends; or stop following your tweets (at least until things calm down for you)? In the end I just gritted my teeth and held on. They haven’t come for me yet. 🙂

    I can’t promise I won’t lose my nerve at some future point, though, and I REALLY don’t want to give up on seeing other updates. So, if I stop following at some point, it’s nothing personal.

  3. Yeah, @fakegfmorris has been a slacker lately. Maybe if we call him out here he’ll get back on the ball.

    And Geof, I may not be a hsvlocal, but dang if you aren’t fun to follow. (And yeah, I know you’re working on me re: the hsvlocal part. ;-))

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