Twitter + BitTorrent = AWESOME …?

I use BitTorrent to legally trade permitted concert bootlegs, including many I record myself and release on IndieRiver for the Square Peg Alliance. Yesterday, I had the idea to snag IndieRiver a Twitter account. Other than the obvious use case of announcing new torrents available, I just had the following brainstorm: what about a use case where a poorly-or-not-at-all torrent is suddenly leeched and is tweeted? “Hey, I need help seeding on $torrent … got peers that need seeds!”


[This is one of those “I blog out loud and hope it makes sense to someone else …” posts.]

4 thoughts on “Twitter + BitTorrent = AWESOME …?”

  1. I think it makes sense. If people actually would do it, would be another thing.

    (I, for one, would, however.)

  2. Hmmmm….. this is a really interesting idea, actually. In version 2, the tracker could even target known former seeders when a poorly-seeded torrent got leeched.

    *wheels turning*

  3. Chris: Yeah, you really just have to URL-shorten and go with that.

    You are hitting on one of the things I’ve tried to hack into TBDevNet so far, which is noting who has snagged which torrents. TBDN doesn’t record that now because its default use scenario is for piracy. I would like to create an open, legitimate PHP-MySQL-based BitTorrent system that’s designed for legitimate use scenarios…

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