Four Good Days in a Row

If you follow the mood chart I started mainly for my doctor, you’ll see that I’ve had four good days in a row. The combination of the medical changes I’ve made are really making a difference in my mood and energy levels, and it’s awesome, y’all.

I’ve also been thinking about what I was doing wrong, because hell, it’s not all the drugs, man. To argue that my choices have no effect on my mood is just such utter bullshit, and turns meds into the crutch that so many people are afraid they’ll be. I strongly suspect that one of my friends who is struggling with depression right now fears meds because of the crutch concept. I want to tell you that they are not a crutch but a restorative—and you need that to keep the car on the road, but at the end of the day, you still have to drive, dammit. Kari sparked the thoughts that I’d had going to mind in writing about her issues with overcommitting.

Simply put, I got so busy at work that my fear of overcommitting—which has burned me out in the past—lead me to undercommit to anything that was not my job. Church, family, friends, self … all of you got sacrificed on the altar of my career. It was good for my career, but eventually left me such a broken shell of a person that I couldn’t hold it together to do the one thing I was theoretically trying to save.

It is entirely true that I am an aerospace engineer turned project manager. But to argue that this is all I am is just so, so wrong. I have long prided myself—rightly, I think—on being a well-rounded person. But the only way in which I can be considered well-rounded is in my physical appearance, which is not what I would call a Good Thing. [Just ask my knees and hips, which are both really barking tonight as I sit here in my desk chair.] I’m working on this, though. I plan on going flat out for the 40 [sometimes 45, sometimes 50] hours a week that my job asks of me, but I’ve got to do other things besides that lest I go absolutely batshit insane.

I’ve been working on this in two ways: one is, of course, seeking to get back into a church home. The other is something that finally came to mind today: auditioning for the Huntsville Master Chorale. I go on Wednesday. The time commitment may prove, ultimately, to be too much, but I owe it to myself and my baritone to stretch myself a little bit and have some fun.