GeofCast Episode #002 – “A Great, Big, Giant F**k You”

A couple friends of mine have had relationships go south of late. I had one go south last year. This playlist is how I dealt with it, and now that she’s officially out of my life for good, I feel free to post it.

No, not getting into a discussion of that failure at all. I learned from it. I’ve moved on.


Songlist (I submitted an iMix, but Apple hasn’t gotten back to me yet]:

  1. “Good Morning Little Schoolgirl” – The Yardbirds, Crossroads (disc 1) [the Eric Clapton box set, that is].
  2. “She’s Got a Way” – Billy Joel, Greatest Hits, Volume II
  3. “You Surround Me” – Bebo Norman, Big Blue Sky. Here ends the “I can’t get this girl out of my head no matter how hard I try” part of the arc.
  4. “Say Yes” – Elliott Smith, Either/Or
  5. “Painting by Chagall” – The Weepies, Say I Am You. The problem is that I really love this song, but now am ruined on it because I associate it with her.
  6. “In the Lost and Found (Honky Bach)” – Elliott Smith, Figure 8. That’s right, two upbeat Elliott Smith songs in one mix. That’s gotta be a record.
  7. “Marilyn” – Andrew Osenga, The Morning. Here’s where we go south.
  8. “My Love” – Bebo Norman, Myself When I Am Real. For when she cut me loose and then wanted me back in her life.
  9. “Old Love” – Eric Clapton, Unplugged. I loved this song as a teenager, and now I’ve lived it. Heh.
  10. “Everything Reminds Me of Her” – Elliott Smith, Figure 8. So much for happy-go-lucky ES songs in this list. “I ain’t never really had a problem ’cause of leaving / but everything reminds me of her this evening”. For all those nights I sat confused on the Granades’ couch, with Misty all but screaming at me to move on.
  11. “A Crack in Time” – Ferraby Lionheart, Ferraby Lionheart EP. This sums up my feelings on the whole situation.
  12. “Oh Well, OK” – Elliott Smith, XO. A friend who listened to this complained that there was too much Elliott. Come on … I also went through this relationship when I was profoundly, clinically depressed. Like I wasn’t going to have Elliott Smith songs on it.
  13. “So Long” – Guster, Lost and Gone Forever.
  14. “Somebody That I Used to Know” – Elliott Smith, Figure 8. When I say that this is a “f**k you” playlist, I’m really thinking about this song. 129 seconds of bitterness that says, “It’s not me, it’s you.”