Teledyne Brown Engineering Contributions to Ares I-X

In honor of Ares I-X launch day, my company has actually embraced YouTube. I’m a little stunned, but I figured I could bring the goods to you.

First off is Rex Geveden, TBE President.

Next is James Drake, one of my long-time colleagues, walking you through I-X. I’ve worked with James since November of 1999.

Last is Don Guerkink, one of TBE’s old hands and an all-around great guy, talking about his experiences with spaceflight across the years at TBE.

We’ve been in this business for 50+ years, since Explorer I. I’ve been here for ten years, and there are very few places I’d rather be—even if I didn’t get to do much more than watch from a distance as the Roll Control System was built up by a group led by my boss.

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