On Musiclogging and Reviewing

Okay, so obviously I’m back to listening to music more earnestly. [I would argue that this is a beneficial result of not being so damn depressed.] Would you like me to review the stuff I’m listening to? I used to do that back in the week-by-week format, but I found that format rather unwieldy and also quite demanding.

If I review stuff, it’ll be in the form of a weekly or monthly post that reviews whatever I’ve listened to in the last time period. It also won’t be long: I’m thinking 140-character reviews, a la Twitter. [In fact, I might just use Twitter to do it, and use Alex’s Twitter Tools to power doing it. Hmmm.]

This is only relevant for the subset of my audience that gives a rip about what I’m listening to, of course …

Update, 2124: Oh, hell … the longer I thought about it, the more it made sense to just do it. Welcome, @geofsnewmusic.