In Which I Share My Not-So-Inner Geek

Not-so-embarrassing admission: my computers are named after Space Shuttle Orbiters. Currently, I have Discovery [my 24″ iMac], Atlantis [my Mac mini media server], and Endeavour [my Macbook]. [Ignore, for a moment, that I have other, non-working Macs in the house. Okay? Okay.]

Well, to the two desktops, I slave hard drives. And, well, I’m a bit of a geek, so …

Discovery has:

  • HAL 9000, the internal drive for the iMac.
  • Discovery II, the every-night-cloned-by-SuperDuper! backup drive that ensures I’ll keep running if HAL 9000 goes, well, insane. “Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer true …”
  • TMA-1, which used to be my Time Machine drive until it became full and unwieldy. I recommend a TM drive be 2-2.5x of the base HDD, and I had only 1.5x with TMA-1. So she became the Moon, and now I have …
  • TMA-2, TMA-1’s bigger cousin, a 1.5TB miniStack v3.

I also have a Drobo, which, if you’ve followed me on Twitter lately, has been giving me all sorts of hell. Something is amiss, and I’m sure that we’ll fix it. Anyhow, the drives used to be named lame names, until I came up with the following naming system:

  • Io, for audio.
  • Ganymede, for storage I let anyone use. [Well, not just anyone … just the people I give a CrashPlan backup code to.]
  • Europa, which doesn’t have any cool pun to it, but is used for storing my Aperture libraries.

It would be cool, you know, if that worked right now. But I’m not bitter.

What about Atlantis, you ask?

  • Atlantis’s internal HDD is Plato.
  • Atlantis’s backup HDD is Cave.
  • Atlantis’s Drobo, which is working just fine right now, is “Drobo”. I should rename it Timaeus.

Endeavour gets backed up to an unnamed Time Machine. Lame, I know. I’m actually preparing to sell it to fund an iPad purchase, and also to prepare for the day when I can utilize corporate’s interest-free loan plan to buy a 27″ iMac, which will get the Endeavour name. I’m trying to keep myself to three main machines, because otherwise, this house would be full of computers and all my money would go to Cupertino.

[Shut up, all of you.]