Why I Built ISupportJenniferKnapp.com

So Jennifer Knapp is gay. Okay. No big deal to me. I’m still ambivalent on the whole “homosexuality is a sin” thing. That’s true: I go back and forth on it most every time I think about it.

What this fact doesn’t change for me is my respect for Jen and her music. I loved Kansas, and while her late stuff was merely okay for me, that record is still one of my favorites 12 years later. I also buy that life is messy, and that not loving someone because they’re sinful is so hypocritical, because I’m so sinful myself. The moment I figure life out and figure out how to Live Right, I won’t need Jesus anymore. Wesleyan arguments for earthly holiness to the contrary—never have held to those, folks; settle down—I just don’t see where it works.

And as my friend and fellow Jen Knapp fan, Derek Webb, said this morning:

careful not to make lack of sin a prerequisite for loving or befriending someone. you’ll be really lonely (& you’ll hate yourself)

Saying that “I Support Jennifer Knapp” doesn’t imply that I support everything that she does. But in a time where her coming out is going to have all sorts of Christians criticizing her and making her seem like less of a person, I wanted to say, “I think that you’re just as worthy of grace as I am.”

[Many thanks to Chris for the PHP hackery and to Derek and Hunter for the moral support.]