Putting Things on Probation

So the other day, Chris and I were having one of our typically nerdy email conversations. The subject of feed reader workflows came up, and I said:

I think decluttering [feeds] is a task worth doing about once a month. I keep a Probation folder for new feeds and only move them out after I wonder, “Why haven’t I filed this elsewhere?”

Chris loved the idea. It made me think, though, about how I don’t extend this concept elsewhere in my inputs. Especially with the Twitter. Hence @gfmorris/probation. Folks I put in here are potentially going to get perma-followed if I find that they add value to my incoming Twitter stream. Also, it will give me pause to think about reworking my lists as I see fit. I am currently in need of whacking the “celebrities” and “humor” lists in favor of writers and maybe sports. I’m still cogitating on what that means.

But anyway, back to the probationary stuff: I think that’s key for dipping your toe in the water with any new input you acquire: you can pay it the proper amount of attention [read: low]. If you find yourself asking the question I ask above, well, you know that it needs a higher level of attention.

Of course, the counter is that we need a to-be-demoted list for things that might need to be culled. Have to mull on that one a while.