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  • "First, why are we all not, as individuals, as families, as a society, putting the same amount of thought and consideration into everything we purchase? What if, before every major purchase, we examined what our real needs were and we had discussions about it around the dinner table with the people we love who would be affected by the decision? What are the advantages, the tradeoffs, the things we care about, and the things we don’t? In the context I set forth here on this site, I am arguing that you should put at least this much thought into a purchase that in many cases will be over a thousand dollars and something you will likely have to live with for two to three years. Why not apply this method to everything else?"
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  • "Somehow the forces that separated us in the offline world have maintained their power even as our ability to connect has dramatically increased. We’re still stuck in our silos of homogeneity."
  • I have use for these.
  • Jon's thoughts largely mirror my own.
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  • "Is meaningful or useful to have emotional reactions to business organizations? Right now there’s a lot of that going around; the atmosphere swirling around my employer and That Fruit Company a short commute away in Silicon Valley grows steamy. Which pales compared to the global outpouring of fear and loathing directed at a certain English oil corporation. I’m going to argue (after some personal digressions) that hating on BP is perhaps actively harmful."
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  • I love Boxer.
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  • "The iPad is a different market from the iPhone, but more importantly, in any situation you can choose where and how you want to compete. If you need to compete so aggressively on price, or exclusively play the profit-by-volume game, there’s a good chance that your product and/or marketing aren’t up to scratch. You’re also potentially damaging the platform’s long-term sustainability for its life-blood: quality.

    "Don’t race to the bottom. Make a great product, price it fairly, and target those who understand the value of things. After all, they already bought an iPad."

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