Icon Set

The iTunes 10 Icon, Panic’s CandyBar, and Why I Was Up Until 2230 Yesterday Tweaking Icons

Hey, iTunes 10 is out! And hey, that icon looks like shit! If only there were a way to fix that …

Oh, hey, Cabel! Thanks! Awesome! I hadn’t thought about that.

I had resisted CandyBar for a while, for two reasons: 1) I’m a tweaker, so I didn’t want a reason to tweak and 2) I didn’t want to be that much of a Panic whore. But Steve, he drove me to it. Now I have a pretty icon for iTunes 10.

That said, there was no way I was stopping there. None at all. After all, I’m the guy who names his computers after Space Shuttle orbiters. I described the naming process back in March. I’ve since reformed the Drobo into a two-volume drive: Io for Input and Output

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, and Ganymede for social sharing. I’ve decided to not attempt any landings on Europa. As you can see to the right, I’ve taken the nerd bit even further: HAL 9000 has the iconic red lens, Discovery Two is a model of the ship, Ganymede and Io are images of the two moons, and the two TMAs are shown with how they’re represented in the two movies.

I’m actually kinda proud of this.