On Tabulae Rasae

I have a nerdy New Year’s Tradition. I take the previous year’s email archives and put the incoming and outgoing email into their own IMAP folders. This is of marginal utility when I’m connected to a broadband connection, but if I’m on a mobile device, having everything in a pre-sifted bucket helps minimize search times.

In the same vein, I tried something new this year. After a limited test, I found that using the Reset Plays in the context menu1 will reset the play count, but it does not change the Last Played date. This is important if you use some iTunes smart playlists, as I do, to manage your music listening. 2 If you’ll go to Music, then Select All, then Reset Plays, you’ll know your music listening from the time you last reset plays.

Being born on the first day of a month, I deeply understand the concept of the tabula rasa. I think that it’s important to clean the slate from time to time, but I find that I do it poorly in two respects. First, I try to tie it to a specific date rather than simply contemplating the change and implementing it as soon as the thought is fully formed. Second, I would always come up with resolutions for the New Year in the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day, which I find typically led to half-considered goals that had no actionable basis. I’m making a lot of changes in my life here in the first few months of the year, but I’m trying to not tie any of them to specific days. I am simply trying to have the changes happen as soon as circumstances will allow and as soon as I’ve given them proper thought. I didn’t clear decks because Saturday started a new year.

  1. that is, right-clicking 

  2. I’ve tweaked those playlists, and I plan to write about that soon.