Andrew Osenga – Leonard the Lonely Astronaut

I don’t think that it’s any secret that I love Andrew Osenga‘s music. If you can get me in a conversation about music that gets past why I think Radiohead and Wilco are awesome, I’m generally going to tell you about this Andy guy. He writes things from the heart that also cut to the heart, which is what I look for in the music I support.

The above video pretty well encapsulates Andy’s goofy nature, his desire to make good record, and his love of cheeseball science fiction. Who raises money for a record and then records the thing inside a set-piece that’s designed to, well, be a spaceship? Andy. He mentions the theme of the record, and he and I have talked a bit more about where these songs will go. I am excited to see what comes of it.

If you’re the Kickstarting type, I’d encourage you to give his idea a look. I’m backing him, and not because he used to tell everyone that I put monkeys into space.