Further Machine Naming Foofiness

This time last year, I admitted to the goofy naming scheme related to my iMac. Two things have changed since then: I don’t have a Macbook anymore after buying an iPad, and I don’t have three volumes on my Drobo anymore. I was having issues with the Drobo getting ejected at random, so I dropped the number of volumes to two in the hopes of fixing it. It didn’t, but the issue was a bad FireWire device in the chain.

I had the iPad a while before I named it anything, and I gave it the name Europa. In mythology, Europa was a Phoenician woman abducted by Zeus. The continent is purportedly named after her. Given that the iPad encourages travel and freedom, this made sense.

I hadn’t named any iPhone I had since the original. I ended up naming the phone after Callisto, the last of the four Gallilean moons I hadn’t used. Callisto was a nymph turned into a bear and set among the stars. It’s only just now that I thought that it might be CALListo.

The newest named device is a 2nd-generation AppleTV. I owned the first, and it was very clunky. Enough people I trust had spoken well of it, so I used the Apple giftcard my TBE colleagues got me when I left and bought one. I’m so taken with it that I’m very close to canceling cable and going with streaming and downloaded media. As such, it deserved naming. It’s Amalthea, which would be AppleTV if you were drunk and squinting. Amalthea was also the most oft-mentioned foster mother of Zeus. If my entire data structure here in these two computers and the attached devices is Zeus, then Amalthea should be a good mother.

Speaking of the entire data store: I’ve had all this storage hardware since early 2009. I’ve had two drives fail, one in each Drobo. In both cases, I had audible warnings, and in one, I had a ready spare. I’m still very much growing into the data, and I don’t think I’ll need to think about bigger drives until mid-2012. It’s great to be able to have all this data. Still, back your shit up.