Andy Osenga Standout Front

How to Hang Mpix Standouts

I’m a fan of Mpix‘s photographic products. I’ve gotten good results with every single order from them, and the prices are within what I would expect to pay. For display purposes, I really like the standout: your photographic print mounted on gatorfoam, banded as you like, ready to hang.

I clumsily knocked one of my standouts off the wall the other day, ripping the hanger out from the wall in the process. I’ve got to re-hang it, so it made me think of what it takes to hang them. I’ve learned this by trial and error, but you don’t have to do that. Here are the steps you’ll want to use:

  1. Measure the standout. In my experience, all of the standouts are short in both dimensions, just like dimensional lumber. The 11″x14″ shown above is short by 1/8″ in both directions. This will let you set up an envelope.
  2. Regardless of size, the edges of the hangar holes are 2″ in from the corner. Note that this is not the hole center but the tangential edges of the hole.
  3. The hangar holes are 0.5″ in diameter. You can do the math and say, “So that makes the hole center 2.25″ in from each edge, right?” Indeed it does: circle gets the square!
  4. From there, it’s like any other picture-hanging extravaganza: find a level, determine your placement, mark a level line, mark your holes.
  5. When it comes to hanging, don’t use a traditional nail or picture hanger. I’ve had the best success using push pins. Standouts are really light, even both of the 24″x30″ ones I’ve bought and hung. Four push pins are going to do a great job. You can also do some tweaks to get the fit that you want by skewing them toward or away the corners of the standout. Because the head of a push pin is closer to 0.25″ in diameter, there is some play in the placement.

Hopefully this helps you. If you’re really generous and/or like Andrew Osenga, help a brother out and buy an 11″x14″ standout like what you see above.