IJSM.org is no more.

When I first had a Web site on the Internet on a domain that I owned, it was on IJSM.org, which I registered in January 2001. I was in my third year in college and found myself wanting a voice. I’d been doing small-scale self-publication on the Internet for a while, running a sports e-zine titled Top of the Key. I picked up the domain and hosting at a time when I realized that I was drifting away from the writing on that site. We had talked about trying to do something national with it. That would have been a terrible idea, especially as Ralph was trying to get me to leave college to pursue it. Eep. We were an American McCarver written by lesser lights and more mainstream voices, stuck bridging the eras of email publications and Web publishing. TOTK was email-only from its inception in 1995 until we started putting it on the Web in the early 1999 timeframe. I spent a lot of time on the ezine, both writing and editing. Like many publications of that size, it finds a voice in the person who heads it. Plenty of folks said I had a good one, but I kinda cringe at some of the stuff I wrote then.1

The headshot we used for IJSM.org.  I love that hat, but I can't wear it with a beard without looking Amish.IJSM.org was always based on the credo of The Indiana Jones School of Management: “Plan B? I’m still working on Plan A.” Improvisation has always been my modus operandi, and back then it was almost a raison d’รชtre.2 It described the early personal writing well as I struggled to find my voice. I never posted cat photos, but you knew when I had a sinus headache or a was mad at one of my roommates. That site would have been so different with a place like Twitter, as I could have focused longer writing on it.

My personal publishing always goes through feast and fallow seasons, and there are a lot of reasons for that. Not long after I started personal publishing, the estimable Noah Grey said to me, “You should get your own domain. You won’t always want to be ijsm.org, but you will always want to be Geof Morris.” He was right, so I took the moniker gfmorris and made it my domain root. Now, nearly a decade later and three years after I took all the content here and moved it here with the idea of rebooting it, all the content is here on gfmorris.net. What makes me sad is that I can’t3 link up the content that was published under the templates it was published with. It would be great for everything that went out on IJSM.org under that template show up in the themes I used. It would be great to show the site as it was, not as it is going forward.

IJSM.org will actually fail for a few hours while I get DNS changes propagated to park it atop gfmorris.net. Everything will be copacetic from there. I have to keep the continuity, and no way in hell am I selling the domain.

  1. That’s not to say that I don’t want that to all make its way back on the Web. I would gladly host a Web archive of it, both before and after my involvement, if it were available. 

  2. My brother and father try to attribute this credo to me, but Dad brought it home from work. It just stuck with me. 

  3. easily