Good Things for August 2011

Here’s some good things that happened in my life in August 2011:

Aug 01: Eryn and I figured out our crew’s concert attendance schedule for the fall.
Aug 02: I got dispensation from the English faculty to get an override for the tech writing course I need to take for a BS degree.
Aug 03: I rallied from a shitty start to the day to finish well. That hasn’t been the case lately. A great conversation with Kelsey over coffee made my afternoon sing.
Aug 04: Good talks with Lucas and Kelsey, then a looooooong one with Vickie and Jeremy. Can you tell that I love to talk? Also, I got the override done and am now wait listed in two courses. Come on full registration!
Aug 05: I worked through my own hypomania with enough self-control to keep from buying a new car when a good deal was presented to me while my WRX was in the shop (again).
Aug 06: I thanked my folks for helping me through yesterday, because they were a good check on things.
Aug 07: Went to my home church for the first time in 2011. [I know.] Later, I got to take photos of Vickie’s family. I was reasonably pleased with how they turned out, and it was a lot of fun to get to know them.
Aug 08: I had a nice email conversation with Kari in the morning. It was like old times. 🙂
Aug 09: Got to meet and started to know Ted Amey, long conversation with the hockey coaches, then hanging out with Eryn and Lucas before she leaves for Auburn. 🙁
Aug 10: I got cleared by the pulmonologist for surgery.
Aug 11: I finished read Rob Sheffield’s Love Is a Mixtape, which I read because I love music [and mixtapes], but mainly because I wanted to see inside the life of someone else who is a young widower in an effort to better empathize with my brother, whom I love. I was drawn to this line: “No matter how good I get at being Reneée’s widower, I won’t get promoted to being her husband again.”
Aug 12: The car is back up and running like a top.
Aug 13: Derek and Sandra played in my hometown.
Aug 14: I got out of town and did a four county drive. With the car back in good shape, it was good to open ‘er up. That on-ramp at AL-35 and I-59 SB is still cooling off …
Aug 15: It was cool enough outside to open the windows. I live in Alabama. This is weird.
Aug 16: Doug was here! Also, I’d lost 5lbs when I expected to be level.
Aug 17: First day of classes! Aieeeee!
Aug 18: Second day of classes! I’ve now been to all three classes, and I don’t feel overwhelmed. In fact, this is probably going to be easier than I thought it would be.
Aug 19: Yay, Ashley’s back! Got to talk to her a bit about digging up baby bones in Greece.
Aug 20: I rode out a really bad insomnia episode. I couldn’t go to sleep until around 0700 today, and then only for a couple of hours. Today has just been about holding it together.
Aug 21: 11 hours of sleep later, I felt like a normal person today. Doug’s here on his way back through to Mississippi, and we had more hangtime today.
Aug 22: Bought a new iPad after my brother bought my old iPad. It’s sitting in the dock to my right, untouched since the sync. It’s shiny.
Aug 23: I didn’t let a crippling migraine cripple my day.
Aug 24: I’ve been sick today, but I got some reading done on Jane Eyre, so it’s not a complete loss.
Aug 25: Hangout time—okay, bromance time—with Lucas.
Aug 26: Another step closer to surgery! I could actually have it in two weeks except, you know, life.
Aug 27: Good times talking to, in order, Kelsey, Ashley, Lucas, and Vickie & Jeremy. I also got lot more of Jane Eyre read.
Aug 28: I picked up the new-to-me dining table and chairs from Vickie, talked to Jeremy and her step-dad a bit, and then got Jon’s help with the offload. New table! Six years into owning the house and I finally have one. Ah, bachelor priorities.
Aug 29: I made the decision to drop the CS class I was taking. I originally wanted to take one or two classes. I got caught up in it and tried to register for four and got three. I’m dropping down to two, both of which I’m really quite interested in, and I think that’s the right number for me right now. I found the CS professor’s pedagogy to be quite annoying.
Aug 30: I got an amazing amount of things done today between school and surgery prep and everything else. It’s definitely been an in-the-groove day.
Aug 31: I completed this list! Thanks to Kari for the inspiration.