Good Things in September 2011

So, let’s build on doing this last month.

Sep 01: Got classwork turned in early for once, then the second consecutive bull-shooting exercise with Lucas. Good times. Three is a trendline.
Sep 02: Got to spend time with the parental unit.
Sep 03: After a crippling bout of insomnia, I got to spend time geeking out about awesome things my grandfather had saved in his basement. It is now time to move all of that work to a new home, and it will be mine.
Sep 04: I’d not had coffee with Amy and Jeff for some time. It was good to be with them for a spell. The rest of my day: so close.
Sep 05: I went on a quest for decaf 5-Hour Energy. While unsuccessful, I had a good time. I also read a lot of Jane Eyre.
Sep 06: I got interviewed by WAAY 31 / FOX 54 about Save UAH Hockey. I’m hoping that this post remains hopeful by Sep 30.
Sep 07: I did a lot of crazy writing today, but my email interview with USCHO about Save UAH Hockey takes the cake. I was pretty pissed off when I wrote that. Matt asked some good, leading questions and I charged right the fuck through the door.
Sep 08: To quote Lucas: “Thursday nights are my sabbath.” Amen.
Sep 09: I got to talk to Kelsey for a good solid hour before HOPSpitality. I like that girl; I like her more than I like Nick. 😉
Sep 10: I honestly spent most of Saturday basking in the glow of Friday night. Also, I wore this one pair of jeans for the first time since 2009.
Sep 11: I didn’t tweet about 9/11, nor did I watch anything on TV about it. I think that it’s good to remember, but I think that it’s bad to wallow.
Sep 12: I had a lot of good realizations about the goofy things that roll around inside my head.
Sep 13: Put together a good class deliverable on resumes [heh] and got to talk to Kelsey for a while.
Sep 14: I cleared all the major hurdles left to getting to a surgery date. I should have it for sure on Thursday.
Sep 15: I got some good information on the surgery stuff that will help me make a good decision.
Sep 16: First day of a set build of a spaceship for Andrew Osenga. It was fun even if I was late due to being sick in the morning.
Sep 17: Second day of the build, and we got done quickly, and then I found out that Patrick’s great great-uncle once nearly killed my great-great grandfather. I mean, I knew the story about train robber Rube Barrow nearly killing S.F. Pennington, but it was very weird to find out that he was one of Patrick’s ancestors. It was a bizarrely awesome revelation at dinner.
Sep 18: Good breakfast with the boys [bye Josh! Enjoy South America!] and Susan. I drove home and then proceeded to crash hard.
Sep 19: An unknown person gave me a three-figure Amazon gift card. I have picked up a Kindle with it. I’m still flabbergasted.
Sep 20: The return of 3rd Base Grill trivia! Our terribly-named team came in second, which made me happy. Also, I had a good job interview. 😉
Sep 21: I got a call for the 2nd interview. I love it when employers move quickly.
Sep 22: A solid second round of interviews! On a just-as-important level, things were made right and my sanity was restored.
Sep 23: Hockey night in Huntsville! Confirmation that the interviews went well! Time with friends! LOUD NOISES!
Sep 24: Being sick meant I got to catch up some more on my sleep.
Sep 25: Asked and answered. Getting beaten by a 7-year-old in Battleship was pretty fun.
Sep 26: Shared struggle is always worthwhile.
Sep 27: I kept my feet moving, which was enough for the day.
Sep 28: Hockey 101 at the UC was a fun event.
Sep 29: I got us a four-day extension on a school deadline. I also started praying about forgiveness in one area of my life that’s going to take some time.
Sep 30: Being sick with a cold means I got a lot of sleep in.