Good Things in October

Trying for three in a row here…

Oct 01 My birthday! [I was sick.]
Oct 02 My migraine went away after several hours of sleep.
Oct 03 I think I did well on my exam. I’m still kinda sick, but wooo.
Oct 04 I defended Twitter in a class full of college kids. That still feels wrong.
Oct 05 I aced the exam. I made a couple minor mistakes, but he had 109 possible points for a grade of 100, and I didn’t use up all nine. It’s like I remember how to do this.
Oct 06 The NHL is back, and Brad and I launched The Shanahammer.
Oct 07 Lunch with the Kings!
Oct 08 I got my new shoes! They help fight my over-pronation. Now I just need some orthotics and I’ll really be set.
Oct 09 It was Christiana’s birthday, and I got to talk to her for a few minutes on the phone.
Oct 10 I read 42% of the new Michael Lewis book, Boomerang: Travels in the New Third World.
Oct 11 I found out that someone I see fairly regularly in the coffee shop also goes to my church. [It’s a big church.]
Oct 12 iOS 5 release day! [Let’s not talk about my attempts to migrate my Macs to iCloud.]
Oct 13 I had a good day today after a couple of really bad ones.
Oct 14 I had another good job interview today.
Oct 15 I turned in a class assignment the minute that it was due in the online system. Aw yeah.
Oct 16 I watched The Amazing Race.
Oct 17 Got to work with Keifel and his boy about coming to UAH, had a nice walk on campus, got the math homework done early, and had a nice conversation with a pretty girl. More like today, please.
Oct 18 I had a nice conversation with my therapist about things that I do not discuss outside that room. 🙂
Oct 19 Kari and I firmed up plans for me to write one letter a day to one of 30 people for November. It’s going to be quite the project.
Oct 20 My tech writing professor was understanding when I emailed in sick to class.
Oct 21 Good coffee, good conversation, hockey tie.
Oct 22 Good coffee, good conversation, good hockey on TV.
Oct 23 I had a good phone conversation with my mother. We talk pretty much every day now.
Oct 24 I got to provide audio for a national radio broadcast after my alma mater’s hockey program was executed.
Oct 25 I pulled together a list of people to whom I will write letters for National Blog Posting Month. I need to keep grinding on the outline, but I have my 30.
Oct 26 Waterdeep. WAAAAATERDEEEEP. Worth my drive, and worth giving up my Avett Brothers ticket. Sweet River Roll, all over me.
Oct 27 I finally got to sleep at 5am.
Oct 28 I learned something. I didn’t want to learn what it was like, though.
Oct 29 Bojangle’s is open all day for breakfast. Let’s just say that it was early afternoon.
Oct 30 I got to spend time with Lucas and Kelsey for the first time in a while.
Oct 31 I finished work on my writing project for November, which will involve writing things around here everyday while having nothing to do with the writing of a novel.