Good Things for February 2012

I need to get back into this.

01. Spent a nice evening with a friend, and I wasn’t overly upset when a job opening at my old company ended up getting cancelled. I had appropriately managed my expectations, which is good. I did not do so with either of the last two job opportunities, which was to my detriment. Hooray for learning.
02. I finished my programming assignment with time to spare. I should have given myself more time, but I improvised.
03. Full day. I think the highlight is a good meeting with my psychiatrist, followed by S1E02 of Downton Abbey. I’m in. [If UAH hadn’t blown a three-goal lead against Maine, that would be #1 with a bullet.]
04. Got a number of things done in the kitchen to get myself some more pantry space.
05. My back was balky again, so I watched four episodes of Downton Abbey along with the Super Bowl, which didn’t really hold my interest.
06. I got caught up on my reading for my Probability class1 in advance of Thursday’s test. It took me five hours. My back does not like me right now.
07. I survived a day on 4.5 hours’ sleep. My chiropractor cleared my back problem in a painful-but-necessary adjustment. My probability prof slipped Thursday’s exam a week. All in all, a good day.
08. Downton Abbey, five episodes’ worth.
09. I got a UAH Student ID and a nice UAH Chargers coffee cup at the bookstore at the same time I got my mom a hat. She wanted a floppy canvas hat like I have, and she’d said that it would be okay for it to have UAH on it.
10. Time with my mother is always good.
11. I set up Mom’s Kindle. This is the first time she’s really been able to read much since her stroke over a decade ago.
12. My drive home was quite beautiful, even if it did lead to me wondering how much longer it would be home.
13. Good therapy appointment. Couple of interesting jobs applied to.
14. I took a great, much-needed nap. I slept the right length of time, and I felt as I needed to when it was over.
15. I powered through my studying for Thursday’s probability exam. I got to talk to Lucas for a while.
16. I got my programming assignment done quickly, although one went awry.
17. I got a lot of job applications out there, and I published a piece I’d been working on about Downton Abbey.
18. Waterdeep private concert!
19. The Downton Abbey Christmas special aired in the States, bringing us up to speed with our British cousins. I teared up again, and I’m okay with that.
20. Jobhunting!
21. I started working on a little Web project, and then I got to hang out with Stephen and Misty.
22. The Bruins won.
23. I feel like I did well on my programming test.
24. Home hockey! Hopefully this is not my last Friday night UAH hockey in Huntsville for the foreseeable future.
25. Weird morning, but good afternoon, highlighted by a solid, if losing, effort from the boys.
26. I figured out Blu-Ray ripping on my Mac. Yay me!
27. How I Met Your Mother was enjoyable.
28. I got a 98 on said programming test.
29. Leap Day!

  1. which is to say that I started on it today