Good Things in March 2012

01. I made lots of progress on the next programming assignment. I may even finish it by the end of the weekend, and it’s not due until Thursday. Who is this person doing my academic work?
02. I survived the tornado event.
03. Stephen and I talked about lots of things while we watched Duke stink up the joint against Carolina.
04. Friends helped me out of a spiraling mood.
05. Chance meeting with Katherine. Good to catch up. Also got some stuff out the door on a job opportunity with GE Aviation.
06. Program’s done two days in advance. (Say what?) I was the recipient of honesty and the chance to spread some hope. Tough roads are best traveled in teams.
07. I got to have dinner with Jeff!
08. Isolated opportunities at GE Aviation and fired off fantastic cover letters.
09. More cover-letter-writing and job-submitting. Great time with Andrew and Lee at the coffeeshop.
10. Helped Rick build an outdoor play set for his kids, except it’s not done. Oops.
11. Men’s basketball won. Survive and advance.
12. I wrote a kick-ass cover letter to a Teledyne Technologies company on the other side of the estuary from Liverpool. Who knows?
13. I realized what had been going on with me physically and took steps to correct it.
14. I had good times with people (Kelsey, Stephanie, Lucas, Lee, Andrew) and a good phone call with my parents that offset a crappy day otherwise.
15. Ten hours of sleep, and then cupcake and pie with Andrew and Lee.
16. Set Mom up with her first Mac!
17. Just a nice, quiet day with my parents.
18. Radiohead made my drive home tolerable. I also realized on the trip that they’re now, by all measures, my favorite band. Sorry, Wilco.
19. Bruins rout, Celtics win, good day of reading, nice episode of How I Met Your Mother.
20. Just a nice, quiet day at the house. Got a lot of reading done.
21. I thought my WRX’s air conditioning had conked out, but all it took was a full power/option cycle and I had cool air again. I was dreading another big bill on that car.
22. Crisis averted.
23. I was having a bad day—a long, bad day—but a really hot shower made it tolerable. Mental note made.
24. Rainy day. Coffee. Pride and Prejudice.
25. Traded texts with Laura.
26. I thought I’d have to have a dental crown installed, but all I needed was a filling. Less pain for my mouth and my bank account.
27. Solved my mother’s computer problems via Screen Sharing.
28. I talked with Dana for an hour.
29. Med tweak.
30. I felt a lot more like myself. I also got to talk to Stephanie some, which I didn’t expect.
31. Bruins won.