Good Things for April 2012

01. Set up a lot of tickler reminders in OmniFocus, which is quickly becoming the only way I remember to do anything.
02. Read a lot of Pride and Prejudice. My distractibility made my progress smaller than the time I allotted should have shown.
03. I started off the day with a good night of sleep that didn’t drag on past 0900. This is so rare with my night owl tendencies.
04. A nice glass of Scotch warmed conversation with Stephen and Misty.
05. I got an extension on a project1 and didn’t have to skip my prob/stats class.
06. I had a nice phone interview with a local company that has a distributed team—hence the call.
07. Lazy Saturday, but I fired out a bunch of cover letters and got to hang out with Andrew for a while. Grand!
08. My Easter sucked, but at least I got this stupid program done.
09. Talked to Joel and Daniel about how best to handle this deal.
10. Got back a good grade in the class I’m ace-ing and figured out what the grades probably will be in the class that I’m not.
11. Got the truth from a friend.
12. Boston Bruins Playoff Hockey!
13. Bought some land and watched some hockey.
14. Lenny’s with Andrew for the second Saturday in a row.
15. Wrote about hockey, and I’m reasonably satisfied with what I wrote.
16. I found out just how much my doctor trusts me2, and the Bruins won in regulation, keeping me from the stress of playoff overtime for the first time this series.
17. Celebrated the semester being so close to ending.
18. Hadn’t been to the hockey office in a while. Good times.
19. My friend Emily offered to circulate my résumé.
20. Hockey banquet!
21. Sold the truck; it was time. Lenny’s with Andrew. A couple good phone conversations with Mom.
22. Bruins force Game Seven!
23. Lots of caffeine, a good programming session, and talks with good people.
24. Classes are over! Just finals left.
25. My dad survived his heart attack.
26. My CS exam was easy, and I’m done with that wretched class.
27. Listened to a good podcast by Nick Flora about Andrew Osenga’s next album while driving to come to West Tennessee.
28. Got the chair lift locking mechanism fixed after it broke.
29. Got to say some (hopefully) supportive words to someone who needs some.
30. Between selling the truck and my tax refunds, my car loan balance is just under $1100. It will be paid off this summer!

  1. Because our instructor hadn’t returned the email sent on the 3rd asking for help. 

  2. a lot