100,000: A Twitter Milestone

This post will generate a tweet that will be my 100,000th update with the service.  I joined Twitter on 23 Jan 2007, which means that I have 2,285 days of tweeting and a slightly disgusting 43.7 tweets a day.  Mind you, this includes conversations — a lot of conversations — and that has jacked up my tweet count pretty high.  If you don’t know, I’m @gfmorris.

What do I tweet about?

  • Whatever’s on my mind.  You know, like when I used to blog about being sick, except shorter.
  • I used to have this whole GEOFCON gag.  I get complain-y.  I do this to blow off steam.
  • Going back to whatever’s top of mind: if I am physically present with someone, my tweeting generally grinds to a halt, because the extrovert part of my personality gets all into having someone to engage.  I tweet when I’m alone.  Clearly I’m alone a lot.
  • I really do think out loud on Twitter.  Posts for here often come from Twitter.  Sometimes, that means that I’m letting half-formed thoughts out there in a brainstorming experiment that makes me look really stupid.  Occasionally, I delete things; most of the time, I don’t mind looking daft.
  • I tweet a lot about insomnia.  I created the #OIT tag for Obligatory Insomnia Tweet.  To wit: my 99,999th tweet was about how I didn’t sleep well last night.
  • I used tweet a lot about sports on that account.  Now I have an account specifically for that.  I’m sure that this makes the lives of people who follow me for non-sports-related tweets very, very happy, especially when I start getting angry.
  • I have a lot of accounts, but only three that are truly by-me.  The third is a private account that I probably won’t give you access to, and it’s the one where the really fun stuff happens, mostly late at night when I am distressed.  Anyway.
  • But a lot of my tweets show my love for people, I think.  I got a lot of that back on 20 Sep 2010 — it kept me going and out of a really bad place.

I’m very thankful for Twitter.  Now I can go back to tweeting without caring what post number it was.  I’ve been worried for the last month that I’d roll past 100k and not notice.

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