Social Media Sacrifice

Social media is a distraction.  It’s good for a lot of things, but one thing that it’s bad for is taking people from the acquaintance level to something deeper.  It’s also bad for maintaining friendships at the depth that are worth having.  There’s a lot of good, but there’s downsides.

I do Lenten sacrifices, but I generally don’t discuss them.  (I’ve never been able to maintain a daytime fast.  I’ve tried.  I’m not made for it.)  But since I am going to give up my Facebook account and @gfmorris for the Lenten season, I owe you notice on that, lest you think that I’m pissed at your or that something terrible has happened to me.  It hasn’t.

I will make exceptions, of course.  I have to help my friend Michael maintain the @weloveuahhockey Twitter account, so I will keep up with that.  I will also keep Facebook Messenger up, mainly because many people use it like they do email, but also because I have a vital backchannel with three of my friends that I would be lost without.  But my @gfmorris Twitter clients have had their access revoked, Facebook is closed and blocked in my browser, and the Facebook app is off of my phone.

Be sure to email.  I love email.