Health Insurance

Thank you, fellow taxpayers, for the credit that defrayed about 80% of the cost of my health insurance.  Trust me, I’m ready to be back amongst your number, but while I’m playing the role of underemployed graduate student, it’s nice to be able to afford health insurance.  I’ve had some very mediocre insurance for the last couple of years through a student health insurance program, but that’s required me to maintain half-time status.  I would love to have the flexibility to drop back to a single class that I can focus on and work one or more part time jobs to cover expenses.  This allows me that flexibility.

I will save my complaints about the paucity of health coverage in Alabama for another day.  All I can tell you is that I had six or seven choices in dental coverage and just two in health — both from the same provider.  The silo structure of our insurance system — driven by the states — is another big problem.  If you really believe in marketplaces, you’d want more players in the game, right?  Instead, we have a system that favors consolidation.

[At least today’s application process was smooth.  It’s nice to see how easily the system moves when it’s not full of people.]