Transgender and Christianity — Just One Response

Chris has some thoughts on Christians addressing the subject of transgender identity, starting with 1 Peter and going through some unloving commentary on Twitter.  He then says:

I will be the first to admit that I don’t have a fully-formed theological position when it comes to transgender issues. This is a topic that will no doubt soon get fuller treatment in the theological world much as homosexuality has over the past decade.

To which I respond simply:

That is the only necessary and sufficient response.

So much about Christianity’s response to homosexuality has been about whether we’ll let “the gays” into our little club or not.  Isn’t the Gospel inclusive by nature?  Are we not all sinners?  Leaving aside whether homosexuality is a sin, at what point do we start throwing sinners out of our churches?

I’ve never seen an effective call for shunning based on a lack of repentance; the ones that I see pick and choose on which sins to discriminate against.  Lord knows that I have enough habitual sins that are personally damaging to me and potentially to others that, should a standard be set, I should be thrown out of a church.  That said, because I am a heterosexual white male with an engineering degree, no one is rushing me out of the door, because I look too much like those on the “inside”, especially in this town.

Social scientists are still coming to grips with transgender identity as they study it for origins and meaning.  Christians should look past the identity and love the person.  We should spread the Gospel and let its power work on the hearts of those who do not believe, and that imperative is true no matter how normative someone’s identity and/or lifestyle are.