Knology/WOW Still Kinda Sucks

I was testing the cache on this here site — I’m working on a passive soak, thanks — and I found this entry that I ended with, “Fuck Knology”. Yeah, that’s about right. I never did much with the DSL modem, though — I had both running for a while, but the DSL modem was flaky (yep, BellSouth/AT&T sucked, too). Admittedly, this was 13 years ago, when the reliability of these things generally vacillated between “hold your mouth right and it’ll work” and “held together with broomsticks, bailing wire, and chewing gum”.

[These kinds of folksy sayings are lost upon my Yankee wife. She just looks at me when I say them. City girls.]

That said about WOW: the impolite fiction of open competition in last-mile telecommunications allows them to maintain a footprint and a market share. The only competitors on my street — in a neighborhood with houses built in the last decade — are Over-the-Air TV and AT&T’s fiber Internet + U-Verse offerings. The AT&T stuff is new in the last two years. Bi-directional high-speed internet would be awesome, but I know I’d loathe U-Verse. TiVo is actually sorta innovating again, and I want to ride the wave as long as I can. (I <3 cTiVo.)