Lies, runarounds, and broken furniture: my experience with 1stopbedrooms

The below is verbatim what I wrote in a review just now. I might still have a little Google-juice left here in the old blog.

Our experience was disastrous. Let me count the ways:

  1. We got good status updates … that were lies. We were told that all of the furniture would be delivered to the white glove/final mile vendor by 11/9. They got it on 11/22.
  2. The one item that was shipped via FedEx (a shoe cabinet) was received quickly. It was a piece of crap. Chipboard furniture with threaded holes going into the end grain must, must, must have pilot holes in it. This did not. It’s crap. 1stopbedrooms didn’t seem to care about my complaints with the build quality.
  3. If built with the holes provided, the doors do not fit. I was asked to provide photos. I provided photos and a video! It’s a tolerance stack-up issue. New doors were sent.
  4. New doors fit as poorly as the old doors. When I complained and asked for a new kit, I was asked for photos. Really?
  5. The last mile vendor overbooked the delivery and said that a final inspection that morning had damaged some hardware, which they replaced. Hmmm . .. they got a replacement in four days from an order that had taken six weeks to get done. The lead guy in the moving crew today told me this.
  6. The last mile vendor did a good job loading some very heavy furniture. The table had an obviously- and poorly-filled gouge in the top on one end. We accepted this because, you know, we were a month late getting our furniture and, you know, IT’S THE HOLIDAYS AND WE HAVE FAMILY COMING IN FIVE DAYS. So we sucked it up.
  7. The white-glove/last mile folks had completely insufficient tools to assemble a bunk bed. My wife provided tools and assistance. The assembly isn’t right, and we’ll be making fixes in the coming days.
    This was a DISASTER, and we will not only never order from these folks again, but we’ll actively push people away from doing so. STAY AWAY FROM 1stopbedrooms!!!