January 2020 Resolution: Returning to Semi-Weekly Budget Check-ins

WHEREAS I had this really cool system for checking on the state of my finances on very regular intervals, and

WHEREAS for unknown reasons I abandoned it in 2019, (probably because I let my job eat my time), and

WHEREAS this is a quite-achievable task for me to begin anew, and

WHEREAS it will just be easier to start with a list of accounts and start with them at their most recent 2020 statements,


  1. I create a new database in Banktivity (my app of choice) for our personal finances by no later than 5-Jan 2020.
  2. I will review and update this financial outlook every Tuesday and Friday. (I used to do Sunday/Wednesday, and that proved to be awful because we get paid on Fridays, so I would just shrug my shoulders.)
  3. I will not stress out over the values in my Thrift Savings Plan or Individual Retirement Account.

Pareto or Monte Carlo analyses of this are outside the scope of this resolution. Also, we don’t have to worry about government shutdowns until October.