LCDR Desmond Walker on Ugo Naija’s Pass Your Limit Podcast

I heartily enjoyed my MSMS senior’s appearance on Pass Your Limit. Desmond Walker is a hard-grinding man, a mustang, an inspiration, and aware that he has flaws. I lived across the hall from Desmond my junior year — 2E4L!!! — and felt nothing but love for that whole year.

I can remember a couple of times being obviously-down at our nightly room check (yep, we had a curfew), and he’d just … talk to me. School, life, whatever. Nothing long, nothing drawn out … just being a fellow human being. He was always easy to talk to and fun to be around. We were the only majority-minority hallway in the dorm that year, and that was a good learning experience.

It’s worth a listen to see how a college-prep kid would decide to enlist in the Navy, work his way through the ranks, get a degree and a commission, a master’s degree, and is now working on an MBA while, you know, sitting on the CDR select list and preparing to take command of a ship.

Topics covered: developing and revising a career plan, focusing on intermediate goals, naval politics, race relations, thinking about our history through a lens of understanding that we see things through a different lens, growing up in the Delta, and more.

If for no other reason, stick around to the end to see who got to tell Desmond that he was on the commander’s list. I nearly passed out.