Lion-Ready Junk Mail Reporting Scripts

After trying for a day to fix my Lion-broken scripts, I finally gave up and asked folks at Apple’s discussion forum about my problem, and the very first response by Pierre L. nailed it:

Try replacing this one line:

set content to thisMessage’s source

with these two lines:

set theSource to thisMessage’s source
set content to theSource

That worked like a champ.

Updated scripts are available: spam_uce_gov.scpt and spam_paypal_com.scpt. As always, these are provided for free and are unsupported, although I’ll try to help if I can.

[Update, 31 Oct 2011]: These scripts had an issue with background sending, as the accumulated emails would clog up. I got a great suggestion for a fix on the AppleScript forums at, and now things seem to be working. I’ve replaced the scripts above with the improved copies.

15 Apr 2014: No future upgrades to these scripts will be provided.

Hello world!

Some people get the .net and .org of their .com domain names just to prevent cybersquatters from, well, squatting.

I guess that was the original purpose behind getting, but after getting involved with building [], I realized that I wanted a place where I could share code with the world.

Not that my code is any good, mind you; I just give because I can, and I give because I’ve received.

Now, back to my coding.