Back Home Again in Alabama

Well, we rolled into Doug E’s driveway a little after 1900, and I got home about 15 minutes ago … to a way-hot house. It’s 81F upstairs! Phew. A/C is on for the first time in 2006, so that’s fun. [Not.]

I at least had yesterday to get over losing on Saturday. If we were going to lose, I’d rather have lost in the semifinals, almost, because at least we wouldn’t have lost in the finals again. Ugh. I’m really beginning to get sick of this.

Well, must go to attend to my computers, start laundry, etc. A new work week beckons in 12 hours!


Anyone reading this that has access to CSTV … I’m in a brown polo on the first row of seats just behind press row. I’m sitting exactly on the center line. I’m in the crowd for the Mercyhurst-Niagara women’s game right now, and I’ll likely stay here for the Bemidji-Niagara men’s game at 2:00 ET.

Unfortunately, our coach gave away last night’s game, so I won’t be doing radio today. :sigh:

In Detroit

Well, we got to Detroit in under ten hours [and no, Mom, I wasn’t driving]. Got to Ford Field way early, so we checked into the Ren Center. [Yeah, we’re staying in the hotel where everyone hung out in the Super Bowl. This whole facility is … awesome. Confusing, but awesome.]

Well, at this point, I’ve slept two hours in the last 38, and seven in the last 61. I’m doing good to type in complete sentences at this point. Well … I hope they’re complete, anyway…


Finally got brain and body to chill out for a bit around 2320 or so. Got a couple good REM cycles in before the %(*&!(*##& alarm went off at 0200. Fought wakefulness for 20 minutes; thanked self for recognizing this inevitability around 2230 last night. 😉

Now, to put the last of it in bags, attempt to find the iGo chargers [I knew where this stuff was not too long ago :grrrrrrr:], make a quickie middle-of-the-night Wal*Mart run [it’s college all over again!], and be at Doug E’s house by 0345 so we can head north by 0400.

Mmmmm … VNC

As I’m heading out of town in, oh … six hours … I figured I needed to set up VNC between the mini and the iBook. Anyone who’s spent a few minutes at this definitely knows the score, but man … OSXvnc was drop-dead simple to set up as a server, and Chicken of the VNC was a simple solution for the client. Add a little port-forwarding action with the router and … voilà! Between this and the fact that I do most of my work server-side, I can go off to Detroit and not miss a beat.

My only problem now is that I need to wind down enough to get three or four hours’ sleep. Tomorrow’s a long day—drive 10.5 hrs, check into the hotel, then make it to Ford Field, cover the CHA awards ceremony, then go collapse back at the hotel to rest up for the games.

WOOHOO! I may not be able to sleep at all.

For Immediate Release

Tag team, back again:

For the fifth consecutive year, Eyecentric Media will team up with the University of Alabama in Huntsville to broadcast the Chargers action from the College Hockey America Conference Tournament in Detroit, Michigan.

Fans can log on to and, after providing registration information, listen to exciting Chargers hockey free of charge.

Mike Anderson will provide the play-by-play commentary, while Geof Morris will handle the color commentary.

I’ve missed hearing that redheaded joker in my headset. I’ve missed trading wordless looks with him as the puck comes off the ice. I’ve missed being one of the Voices of the Chargers.

My buddy Doug Eagan and I roll out of Madison before dawn on Thursday. My new iBook will be with me, so there’ll be updates from the road.

I can’t wait. :mrgreen: