Yeah, I’ve calmed down…somewhat. =)

I’m at home, suffering through stomach insanity. Unlike Heather, I can’t trace the cause of mine [it’s evident to me that hers is caused by the caffeine she intakes by the bushel]. Oh well, I’ve got work at home with me that I can work on while I’m here, and I can also try to see if I can alleviate some of the pig sty that someone’s turned this apartment into…


  1. Feel better man!
    Hint: chicken soup! (Well y’know me… medical science is medical science, but never underestimate the healing power of jewish Grandma’s cooking 🙂

    I admire you having the strength to do this weblog… Hope to have my web site for your critique sometime this century 🙂

    "Remember, Noah’s Ark was built by amateurs, Titanic by professionals"

  2. Strength? All I have to do is have the inspiration to write something, and BAM! it’s online. Makes it easy. Nothing I haven’t done on Usenet [specifically, alt.books.tom-clancy] for years about my personal life. I figure if you care, you’ll read. Of course, I have to wonder why some people who don’t even know me would read in…but that’s one of those unexplainable Web phenomena.

    As for getting up…I look forward to that day. =)

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