A Perfect Danged IJSM Day

See, it’s days like these that I’m a graduate of the Indiana Jones School of Management. If I weren’t, I’d probably snap and be found in my office, quivering in a little corner, whimpering.

Read on, dear reader, and find out why I can truly and sarcastically say, “I love UAH, yes, I do! I love UAH–how ’bout you?!”

So my dad calls last night about my good student insurance discount. I call up our insurance company this morning, find out their fax number, confirm the policy number, and proceed to UAH’s Student Services Web site to pull off my transcript. [Blast it, I knew I shouldn’t have thrown away the old one.]

Houston, we have a hold.

See, when I didn’t take classes this summer, I threw my co-op rotation out of kilter. I was a work student in the fall, and I’m only nominally a school-termer this time. The co-op office has me registered for the school session, but I should be registered for the work session. Yeah, this is causing problems, and guess what? The problem is UAH’s fault, because the scholarship coordinator would never get off of her lazy duff to get my scholarship applied to my summer classes. Blasted bureaucrats–the co-op office will hear about this, at length, when I go over there. Hopefully it’ll go up the chain. If not, I’ll take it there.

So I call about the hold. The bursar’s office tells me what’s up with the hold. I call the co-op office. They explain that I really need to change my co-op rotation. The comment from the lady who answered the phone was basically, “Stuff happens, and this is how we clean up when it does.” Is there any wonder why I love the co-op office? They’re the most accomodating group on campus.

So now rather than an alternating co-op, I’m going to sign over to be a parallel co-op, probably starting in the fall. [It may be for the summer. I don’t know. I’ll have to see. =) ] This won’t lengthen graduation any for me, and it will actually make that blasted scholarship count for both fall and spring. So NYAH to you, Ms. Pissy-Woman-Who’s-Happy-I-Saved-Her-Work-and-Couldn’t-Care-Less-If-It-Made-Me-Stay-Here-Another-Year! I’ll get you yet.

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