Bald Boy!

Perhaps you will believe me when I say I’m going bald when you look at this sumo-bowling picture [thanks to Amy for the pic]. Yeah, I’d had a short haircut not long before that, but it’s thin and getting thinner. In fact, in preparation for Mission Fest 2001, I’m seriously considering going with a #1 clipper all over and going almost bald. Hat will be necessary to keep me from being burned and bald.

Hrm…have to think on this. PJ’s wedding is at the end of the week. Will he kill me for doing a Mr. Clean impersonation before his wedding?

Comment below. Bald: yes or no?


  1. Amy has threatened a beating if I do it before the wedding. I guess I wait until July to go aerodynamic. I know I want to do it before late July…I’ll spend a week in LA with no A/C, in the woods, with a bunch of kids, simulating a Third World village. Yes, no hair will be nice then. =)

  2. Neh, that’s too easy. There should be a series of secret messages sent to determine a safe house where the camera can be left at at a predetermined time so that it can then be picked up at another predetermined time and you’ll need to create a whole new language so that you can pass these secret messages along.

    Okay, too much sugar in the sweet tea for me.

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