Morning Report

Ugh. Friday morning.

Got a meeting of the St. John’s Drinking Society tonight out at Scott’s place. Hopefully James won’t come down with the stomach flu between now and then. [The SJDS is the bachelors from work who worked on the Space-DRUMS payload at some point. Now that Scott, our old project engineer, has left TBE, we’ve established the SJDS to keep in touch. Works well.]

I actually get to commune with the Geek Collective this weekend. What is wrong with me? Oh yeah…I’ve cut out most of the fluff in my life. =)

Cutting out one more: alcohol. After the SJDS and Hockey Night in Huntsville gatherings, it’s time to go back to being a teetotal. If I’m going to be serious about my calling, and I am, I’ve got to really be serious. That doesn’t mean I won’t bartend for friends and such–that’s a fun social activity, and if I’m serving drinks, I can also cut people off when it’s time to do so. This decision is a bit complex and personal, and I really need to have more time to put my thought process into words to describe my rationale. Awful hard to do that at work. =)