Roommate Saga, Pt. 45

Well, I’m having a civil conversation with my roommate when I get home from having breakfast with my friend Lance this morning [good to meet you, your wife, and your son, Lance], and he tells me that he’s found a house to rent over in Florence, and that he’s putting his two-week notice in at Green Hills and will start moving stuff over there soon. Now, I recognize that his parents will give me the average amount of what he’s owed for bills in an effort to not leave me fiscally strapped in June [they’re nice like that], so that’s cool, but I’m not even sure I’d ask for that if I could have the place a little cleaner around here.

It’s a Very Good Thing that I’m the latter one to be moving. I always like to be the last one in a place–it makes sure that my stuff doesn’t walk off [I’ve had that happen] and that the place is as clean as I’d like for it to be when I move out [which I’ve had screwed up when moving out before my roommates]. This makes me happy, and with Jared moving, some of the tension’s going away. Poor guy, though, his girlfriend broke up with him this week, and I know it’s bothering him. Hope that works out for the two of ’em.