Searchy Goodness

Okay, in the tradition of g-c and ‘, I’ve included, for your reading pleasure, the top 7 search items for June here at IJSM. They are:

  • Indiana Jones: Well, duh!
  • ass laminated: I have been.
  • beer sinus infections: I don’t recommend drinking the former as a way to get through the latter, personally…
  • librul: I most definitely am not same…though I complain about ’em!
  • link: I’m responsible for this one; I love Google’s back-checking of links feature.
  • weblog hack: Ummmm, I had to beg a friend to do the site design…while I’ve tinkered with it since then, that’s not a true hack job. Of course, you might call my writing a hack job. I’d cry, but I don’t think I could disagree.
  • No, that’s not my friend Paul Valentine. However, after he spent a week running Cheerleader Camp of all things, maybe it should be…

Hope you enjoyed the list. We’ll roll around with another one at the end of July. [And if you’re curious, yes, this means my creative muse hath left me. Don’t worry. It’ll come back.]