The Wedding Story

Ugh. All this stuff, and still nothing about last week. It’s as if it never happened. However, it did, and since this is indeed Creative Writing 302: How to Win Friends, Influence People, and Scare Everyone in the Process here at IJSM, I guess I gotta tell the story.

Okay, okay, okay, I’m going to put together the wedding stuff tomorrow! I just have this whole apartment thing to deal with, and Kat and Sean might go with me to go looking for themselves. Having them over there would be tres cool. =)

So, let’s start at the beginning of the transition. I hug everyone goodbye, grab Quincey, and we jump in my truck. Five hours later–which flew by, mainly because I was in a trance and a hurry–we’re in Cullman. I leave Quincey with her dad and race back into town to find Sacred Heart.

Nice church, great edifice, I mutter in my mind as I walk up the steps. Got to talk to PJ’s folks and Juan, Gricelda’s brother. Predictably, PJ is late–for once, though, it’s Kris’s fault, not Jason’s. [Jason, PJ’s best man, will be late to his own funeral, probably because the hearse will get a flat tire.] We run through everything twice, still bewildered as to what will happen when.

Then there’s the drive to Huntsville and the Spacely Sprocket Center for the rehearsal dinner. PJ led the group of his family, and I was in the rear, making it easy for PJ’s crazy lane changes to be followed by his family. [Have truck, will block.] We get to the rehearsal dinner…Chris Hirstein’s running a serving line. Pure hilarity. =)

Dinner was fun; I sat with Jason and his family, as well as Deacon Dan, the guy who led PJ’s conversion class. I’ve heard so much about Deacon Dan, and I imagined him to be a smallish guy. Oops. He’s taller and bigger than me [scary], about 6-4 and probably 330. He’s an anaesthesiologist as well as a deacon. He plays twenty questions with me, and I think he figured out pretty quick I was just a nice Protestant boy. ‘Sok with me.

After dinner, we take pictures. True to form, I lead the hilarity, as five or six of us pick PJ up and start to swing him back and forth as if we’re going to toss him through a plate glass window. I thought he was going to mess his drawers, but it was hilarious for all involved. All the bridesmaids quickly figured out I was the wacky one; perhaps that’s why none of them approached me at the reception, save the married ones?

The wedding itself was really beautiful. I felt very Methodist through it all, but it was fun. Each time I filed past PJ, I had to mutter something under my breath to make him laugh. As he teared up when Gricelda walked down the aisle with her dad, Carlos, he needed to laugh pretty quickly. [So did I; I was on the verge of losing it.] As I filed out, I muttered, “Quit cryin’, ya big baby!” I got the laugh I wanted to hear as I filed out. As he teared up again later on, I got to do it as we filed in later–much to the consternation of Deacon Dan, who I’m not sure knew quite how to take my comment. Oh well. We Protestants have always caused trouble for Catholics. =)

The reception was crazy. Eat. Drink. Be merry. Toast. Drink. Toast. Dance. Drink. Drink. Dance. Mess with PJ’s car. Drink. Sit. Talk. It’s all rather a blur for me, but man, it was fun. I have the pictures to prove it.

The funniest and scariest part was when Jason’s girlfriend drunkenly [and loudly, but I repeat myself] started yelling at Jason, “Are you ready to be married?” Jason’s brother, Colin, looked at me and said, “To Geof?” Jason said, “No, Geof, I’m not going to marry you.” Realizing that I could defuse the situation, I went on a “crying jag” about it all. Blessedly, Stephanie calmed down after that, but you know, like I told Colin, I get the feeling that next summer I’m going to be in another wedding with him, this time watching his brother walk down the aisle. Colin commented, “You’re not the first person to tell me that.”

If so, great. If not, great. J, you’re my friend either way, and I ain’t going to love you any more or any less if you marry Stephanie. I like her a lot, I think she’s funny, but you’ve got to do what’s right for you. I don’t know your heart, man, but it’s your choice. You know that, but you also know that we’re with you either way. And heck, you don’t have to make me a groomsman, but no, I wouldn’t mind. =)

I got up really early to make sure PJ and Gricelda got off to the Bahamas, but Jason miraculously had gotten up and to their house. I went home and slept most of Sunday, but I still needed twelve hours of sleep Tuesday night to recover. I’m just now starting to make sense again [shaddup, you, that I never do], and so now I must chronicle these things.

Email comes in; updating to be done.