Tony, Tony! Hey Tony, Tony! Hey!

I love reading Tony Kornheiser, although his politics are much closer to Andy’s than they are mine. But this article about journalists who, er, fudge the truth was pure hilarity. You have to read to the end to get the last bit of the joke, but it’s worth it.

To the Anita Hill thing, I always bring this up when people who claim they once lied now claim to be telling the truth: “So, you’re telling the truth now in admitting that you were a liar before? Who’s to say, then, since you’re an admitted liar, that you weren’t telling the truth before and are lying now? Or, heck, that you lied both times? Come on–you’ve admitted to lying about this incident, so why should be trust you?” Usually that leaves most folks slightly addlepated and very flustered.

Who said I didn’t learn anything in my summer as a news intern at B95?