Club Todder

Heh. We are less than a week from moving into Club Todder. =)

It was good to have Todd come up and visit yesterday. He needed the heck out of Demopolis for a while–ever since he and the ASCE Concrete Canoe folks had gotten back from San Diego, he’s worked every day at his dad’s catfish farm. Getting back to Huntsvegas was good for him, I think, and I know I enjoyed having the ugly fool around. =)

We’re working on the plans to get Club Todder up and running. Yes, I have purchased the domain–it’s a joke from back when Todd used to have his mom’s house out in Harvest and we set up a couple fun parties out there. We could go from the way the house normally looked to “Club Todder” in about two hours.

I think the most fun I had yesterday was watching Todd, Blake, and Anthony in a pickup hockey game at the Iceplex. Blake’s getting damned good at being a goalie on ice with his regular time…I hope he makes UAH’s team. That would rule. Todd looked like crap his first few shifts, but he got his legs back under him and started to play decently well. Damn, Anthony’s fast on skates, even if he can’t put the puck in the net. I know he’s frustrated with hitting the crossbar on the one open shot he had on Blake.

This is infectious enough to make me want to play. I gotta shed some poundage first, but it will be worth it.

I’m so going to enjoy living with these two yahoos. We’re not typical college guys–sure, we like to party, but we’re not going to have a crappy looking apartment. We even are working on the Damn Rules of Club Todder. Rule #1: Keep your mess in your room. Rule #2: No female spends consecutive nights at Club Todder. Rule #3: No smoking.

We’ve got more–from the serious to the silly. So in the meantime, I plan and plot and await the move. Living here by UAH has been fun, but I yearn to move up on the mountain soon.