This Virtual World

Okay, so after I bitched yesterday about hating email, I got all sorts of interesting variances on that theme.

One of the people I’d had email issues with–that were all my fault, really–emailed me and was like, “Are we cool, dude?” I assured him that we were. My frustration in all areas bled through to other places yesterday, which isn’t really fair.

My main frustration is with my my employer. We just changed company presidents. I think the new guy will be better, but I never like being around for corporate shakeups. [Is it any wonder I’ll be leaving the business world?] I think our new man is going to be good for the company–he used to command the big command at Redstone Arsenal here in Huntsville. Still, I’m just wary, making the repeated joke that the all-hands meeting we have in the morning will start with, “You’re all fired!” [I make jokes when under stress. It’s not as satisfying as screaming, but people accept it better.]

The other big frustration I had via email yesterday was solved by…lots more email, most filled with support and sympathy for a shared situation. Heck, I even got a phone call from one of the people in the group, someone who’s always given me a hard time. I guess I never understood why she did that, other than the fact that her relationship to me in that group guarantees it. [I hate to be so vague here, but I’m not wanting to tear these individuals down personally. I’ve done that here before, and it’s spiteful, so I’m trying not to do it again.]

I guess I’m still amazed that people care and words mean something. The thought I had after finishing yesterday’s entry was that, like television, this is just a medium: it is neither rare or well done.