SirCam is Costing Me Money

Unfortunately, someone has my address in their address book. That person is infected by the SirCam virus. forwards my mail to my SpamCop account, which filters my mail. However, even if I delete the mail, I get charged for the use of the filtering. As SirCam mails are large, I’m getting huge swaths of my SpamCop account zapped by this one In-duh-vidual.

Now I have to see if I can just blanket delete all mail from that luser and keep my money intact!


  1. Actually, the guy who runs SpamCop is pretty reasonable. Log onto the message board that he has set up and post about your predicament. He’ll probably credit you for any money you lose in connection with such emails.

  2. Hmmmm…thanks, Jeff.

    Noah, I can only imagine. I know how many places my old TOTK account used to be listed…I’m surprised it’s not more. I’ve started getting them at my main account, but thankfully not often. And heh, I use Pine there. =)

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