Okay, you would have seen this last night if I had gotten the cable internet connection working yet. I haven’t, for a variety of reasons. However, I will endeavor to get those going tonight. Found out my new computer has a fried motherboard; have to see if I still have the receipt, etc. from that endeavor. I’ll probably buy a new motherboard anyway, since it just makes sense to do so and get started building the multimedia box for Club Todder.

Speaking of the absent third resident of Club Todder [not a third wheel!], I am happy to report that Todd is fat, dumb, and happy down in Catfishland, and desires to be home here in Huntsville forthwith. In the meantime, he takes great pleasure in Anthony and I visiting and killing copperheads in the dark. “I kill snakes–I kill ’em!”

Back to work-type stuff. This is the happiest and most relaxed I’ve been on a Monday in at least a year.


  1. "Todd is fat, dumb and happy in catfish land?"

    Hey I resemble, I mean, I represent, I mean I resent that remark! Yeah that’s the word I was looking for!

  2. Kill those copperheads. Drive the bastards to extinction. Read a couple stories of how people have been bit by them an the incredible hell they go through. No you can’t die from their bite but
    you can become crippled. The “environment can do without copperheads. Kill em all

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