As you might gander from the timing of this post, I have successfully concluded the connection of Club Todder to the Internet. Oh my God, what have we done?

This was a fun experience. It involved:

1. Me getting home from work and deciding, “Yes, it’s time to rearrange the apartment.” Yeah, we’ve been here 10 days. Somewhere, all my former roommates are laughing.

2. Me deciding to take a nap so that I would be well-rested in the event I had to be up all night getting this friggin’ network going.

3. Me, half-awake, answering my cell phone. It was Todder. He is lonely as hell down there in Demonopolis, knowing that he’s about to come back to the wonderful clime of Huntsville, where his friends all eagerly await his return and fear that copperheads will kill him before it’s over with. [You’re a braver man than I, Todd. I think I’d’ve “forgotten” the algae-killer stuff after #18 and #19 came in quick succession.] The count of copperheads Todd’s killed this summer is 20. In total, counting those of us who have visited Club Todder South, is 27, and that doesn’t count the two snakes Ant-Dawg should have killed if he’d had the same hair trigger I had [or if I’d bummed a shotgun from Todd before midnight Saturday].

4. Me, frustrated, trying to get my fscking network card working.

5. Me, surprised when Jeff called to see how things were going. Me, grateful when Jeff said, “Sure, I’ll be up,” when I asked if I could bring the router/firewall box over.

6. Me, blonde, missing three turns on the way to the Geek Country Estate.

7. We, Jeff and I, having fun being geekish and exploring the fun of the D-Link DI-704 box. =) She, Amy, blithely ignoring her husband and his friend.

8. Me, sitting on hold for half of the evening with Knology once Jeff found the MAC address of the box.

9. Me, thanking Jeff profusely for being his geeky self.

10. Me, pissed at the lack of signs on Rideout Road^W^WResearch Park Boulevard that don’t tell you that the on-ramps to I-565 Eastbound are closed for repaving tonight.

11. Me, taking Old Madison Pike instead of Bradford to get home, thereby wasting yet another five minutes.

12. Me, fairly sprinting into Club Todder while I tried not to drop the Precious Dear Router.

13. Me, slipping into Blaker’s room to connect his laptop to

14. Me, typing this silly little post that I dearly hope will cause some of you to laugh.

15. Me, trying to decide what pr0n site to leave up on Blaker’s computer when I finish this post, or whether to simply leave it on

16. Me, wondering whether Blaker tried out for UAH’s hockey team today, and if he did, hoping like hell he made it.


  1. Sounds like an interesting evening. Thanks for the vote of bravery on my part. All I have to say is it’s all in a night’s work. Thank God Demonopolis Hospital has antivenom for snake bite victims, though I’m not sure I should rely on them for anything. I’d probably be better of being dead.

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