Searchy Goodness

Yes, folks, it’s a new month, so it’s time to be a smarty-pants and see how you’ve found IJSM…

1 2 18.18% haircut bald

Yeah. I considered it. I still need the haircut, though.

2 2 18.18% indiana jones school

Wow. People look for an Indy school? Weiiird.

3 1 9.09% a burden shared…

I try to share ’em, whether they’re mine or a friend’s.

4 1 9.09% filemaker resume

I don’t use Filemaker, really. Just the few random times at work. But that shows up on my resume, so some enterprising person out there thinks I do. Heh.

5 1 9.09% i’m going bald


6 1 9.09% indiana jones


7 1 9.09% indiana jones plane map

None here. Move along. I’m not leading you to the Ark of the Covenant or the Holy Grail.

8 1 9.09% wedding photos

We got ’em. I just haven’t done anything with ’em yet. -sigh-

9 1 9.09% who stand and wait milton

Yes, they also serve who search and wait.