When the going gets tough…

…the tough “format c:” and reinstall.

Some here won’t believe this, but I have had my current POS P166MMX/32MB 1997-era machine ever since, well, four years ago–and I’ve never formatted the hard drive. I guess there really is a first time for everything.

I finally decided that I just could not stand the device driver problems any longer. No amount of reinstalling, BIOS mangling, or muttered prayers to the Almighty would get this hunk of junk to like my network card. So I did the last thing that I could do–move the few important files I have to my second HD, format the first, and reinstall Win2K.

-sigh- I’ve been yawning since 8:15…and I’ll probably be up past 11:00. It’d be okay if I weren’t stubborn enough to try to get to work no later than 7:30, but oh well…I have Coke and pizza to fuel me as I reformat.

Here’s hoping the next IJSM posting is from my newly-minted machine. =)